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Offering a variety of assorted sizes and hats for cold weather and warm weather, Q Headwear Inc. is a headwear distributor, importer, and manufacturer of hats of all types. We have hats with trim, beanies, corduroy, and baseball style caps (seperate catalogue)

and shopping tote, apron, golf towel.  We also do custom hat band

About Us
With more than 15 years of experience and 20 years in the business, we have the experience, knowledge, and friendly customer service to help you find the hat you're looking for.

Casual Hat

Hats Include:

  • Woven Straw Hats
    • Woven with cloth for a great leasure look.
  • Dress Hats
    • For formal occasions including fedora felt hats and other fabric like cotton twill.
  • Fashion Hats
    • Compliment fashionable looks, mainly for women.
  • Western Hats
    • Cowboy & Western Style
    • Gambler Style
    • Safari (casual hunter hat) for an outback look.
  • Sizes Available
    • Small, Medium, Large, and XL

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